Cleaning Work Orders and Scheduling

Smart Tickets:

Custodial, janitorial and housekeeping industry software for work order management, project work scheduling, and corrective action​

Custodial, Janitorial and EVS Software You Can Trust

We developed Smart Tickets to help cleaning professionals “close the quality loop” by creating and tracking corrective action plans. Smart Tickets also is used to schedule and manage all interim and restorative cleaning tasks like carpet extraction and floor refinishing.

Custodial, Janitorial and EVS Software Features

  • Create and manage tickets from the app or from a website
  • Calendar feature to view scheduled tickets and work
  • QR code technology for rapid ticket submission
  • Live dashboard to see what’s overdue, due today, and pending
  • Close out tickets with sign-off photos, notes and signature
  • Push notifications to send alerts, new tickets, and close-outs
  • Customizable colors, labels, and defaults
  • Track hours spent on work orders and tickets

Use Cases

  • Create and manage corrective actions based on quality inspection deficiencies
  • Schedule and manage cleaning project work like carpet extraction and floor finishing
  • Anonymous building occupants and customers can submit cleaning-related tickets
  • Identify and track urgent, emergency activities
  • Use to document and manage upselling opportunities or extra services
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