Cleaning Staffing Workloading Software

Smart Load:

Custodial and environmental services software to calculate optimal staffing levels

Custodial, Janitorial and EVS Software You Can Trust

Our Smart Load software is ideal for cleaning and EVS organizations looking to understand, calculate, and optimize their staffing levels. The software combines square footage, fixture counts, cleaning tasks, and production rates to produce professional and practical staffing workoad reports.

Custodial, Janitorial and EVS Software Features

  • Best-practices cleaning specification design
  • Optimal staffing levels by assignment, task, area, building, or portfolio
  • Alternate staffing models for enhanced or efficiency cleaning
  • Staffing breakdowns of daily tasks vs. project work
  • Calculate staffing needs for each APPA level of cleanliness
  • Templates and models for every industry

Use Cases

  • Validate that your current staffing level is correct
  • Calculate equitable service assignments for each team member
  • Determine your labor needs for project work and special tasks
  • Justify adding additional staff for enhanced cleaning
  • Ensure your cleaning scope and staffing level match customers’ expectations
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